Food or Sèҳ: What does Samantha prefer?

Food or Sex: What does Samantha prefer?

It was a bold answer from Samantha. No one would have expected this from a soon-to-be-bride. Samantha was recently asked if she prefers seҳ! or food.

 The actress was all smiles and said that was a question which was very difficult. But the very next instant she opted for seҳ and said that she would starve any day. She was talking to the JFW magazine. Samantha recently did a film shoot for them and a clip from this interview is now trending on social media. The to-be-Akkineni bahu did not hesitate in giving this bold answer. Samantha will be marrying Naga Chaitanya very soon. Currently, she is busy completing her films before the wedding's final preparations actually kicks in.

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