15 Beautiful Women Who Made an Appearance on TV’s Friends

It is so hard to believe that the first episode of Friends came out in 1994, 23 long years ago! Does it make you feel old right about now? Yes, we know the feeling. An instant sensation the show based its storyline around Monica, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey and their day-to-day lives and struggles. No matter how long ago we had a chance to witness the last episode of this iconic 90s TV show, Friends is still in our hearts and the show continues to be relevant nowadays. Many big names made cameos on the show – from Robin Williams to George Clooney, from Brad Pitt to Billy Crystal. Today we will take a look at the most beautiful actresses who made an appearance (and some even stuck around for a few episodes) on Friends.

15. Alexandra Holden played Ross’ college student and later girlfriend. What started out as a review by a professor ended up being a full blown romance that put Ross’ career under review. The audience got a chance to enjoy numerous jokes regarding, the age of the Holden character which eventually led Ross to break up with her.

14. Paget Brewster and her portrayal of Kathy was unbelievable. A character who almost broke up the best bromance in the show – the one between Joey and Chandler – and end up cheating on both of them! But who can forget Chandler running miles just to say hi to her or them together watching a show in the middle of the night? So romantic!

13. Christine Taylor played Phoebe’s bold friend who wasn’t so bold anymore (well, at least when Phoebe set her up with Ross). Taylor’s character Bonnie portrayed so much confidence and cool – she was definitely one of the most memorable ladies on the show. Too bad things ended between Ross and Bonnie when Rachel urged Bonnie to shave her head again… Nice move Rach, nice move.

12. Gabrielle Union made a small appearance as Kristen, a girl moving into a building next to Central Park. Both Joey and Ross fought to get her attention without realizing they were dating the same girl. Kristen’s stunning looks and fun loving attitude definitely lighted up the show.

11. Christina Applegate had a role of one of Rachel’s sisters and even though her character was all sorts of ditsy and at times annoying Applegate’s Amy was a gorgeous picture to look at. On the show Amy is all things beauty – from taking constant care of her eyebrows to stealing Rachel’s outfits! The show would not have been the same without her.
10. Brooke Shields’ insane character Erika was a crazy stalking Joey. But her craziness didn’t stop Joey from going out with her. Erika truly believed Joey was Dr. Drake Ramore (his character on “Days of Our Lives”) and was displaying all signs of the person who needs professional help. But was she stunning along the way? Hell yes.

9. Elle Macpherson played Joey’s roommate Janine from Australia… It was hard to take our eyes off of her when she was first introduced to the show. A dancer, Janine took Chandler’s place in the apartment when he moved out to live with Monica. If we only knew how bad of a character she will be to our Mon-mon and Chandler!

8. Soleil Moon Frye made a small (no pun intended) appearance on the show as well. A petite woman who Joey was trying to date was so adorable! However, all cuteness went away when she started punching everyone she’s met! Poor Joey had to put many layers of clothing on in order to keep safe! She had to go.

7. Rebecca Romijn played the part of dirty girl Cheryl who Ross dated briefly. Her unbelievable looks couldn’t save her character – Cheryl was a clear hoarder, whose apartment was hard to be in. While trying to get intimate Ross got into something sticky, nearly killed Cheryl’s pet hamster, and was overall grossed out. We don’t blame him! She truly was ‘a beautiful pig’.

6. Reese Witherspoon portrayed Rachel’s other sister Jill. Do we even need to tell you about how adorable Witherspoon is? When first appearing on the show, Jill was a lot like Rachel, obsessed with shopping and living off of her daddy’s money. She tried getting something on with Ross but it was too much for Rachel to handle and Jill had to leave.
5. Anna Faris was on Friends too, even though many forget! Even though her character, Erica, was very pregnant on the show (she will later give birth to Monica and Chandler’s twins), she was still a picture to look at. A little small-town and a little goofy, Erica won over hearts!

4. Kristin Davis was on the show as well! Our favorite Sex and the City starlet was dating Joey (well, when we say ‘dating’ we mean sleeping together and never calling her again). However, this time was different for Joey because he was really looking to connect with someone. It ended up not working out but we were blessed with Davis’s stunning looks!

3. Winona Ryder was Rachel’s ‘first lesbian experience’! Should we even tell you how out-of-this-world gorgeous Winona Ryder is? Come on! Her character Melissa and Rachel were sorority sisters who got drunk one night and kissed. Melissa’s whole persona on the show was so intriguing! This couldn’t have gone better.

2. Julia Roberts played Chandler’s former classmate Susie. Little did we know that Susie was out to get Chandler with a revenge plan (he pulled up her skirt when they were kids and everyone saw her underwear) but Julia Roberts is one of the most beautiful women in the world – we can forgive her for anything.

1. Denise Richards. It doesn’t matter who Denise played on the show: she is drop-dead gorgeous; the characters on the show knew it and we knew it! Cassie (Ross and Monica’s cousin) stole the hearts of everyone in the group including the people behind the screen. Ross, Chandler, and Phoebe could not look away, leading Cassie to probably never come visit them again.

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