World without us : Stunning pictures

An abandoned church filled with leaves and moss to empty buildings covered in plants, these pictures could show a world without humans.
The breathtaking, post-apocalyptic images, taken by French photographer 'Jonk', capture nature 'reclaiming' abandoned sites across the globe.
One picture shows the interior of a massive, deserted building, with greenery taking over its floor and windows as light streams through from outside.
Another depicts a once-grand statue, now almost entirely hidden by leaves. And a third shows a rusty, old car, overrun by moss and tree trunks.
'Jonk', who has visited more than 700 abandoned locations in over 30 countries, says his photos capture nature "taking back" the sites.
His images show the beauty of the "spectacle" of time passing, as buildings and objects eventually become deserted, and Mother Nature steps in.
The photographer, who posts his amazing work on Instagram, remarks: "It's poetic, even magic, to see nature retaking what used to be hers."

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